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The Basketball Podcast

Apr 10, 2019

Dave Smart, A Competitive Basketball Philosophy

Guest: Dave Smart, Carleton Raven's Basketball Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, learn the competitive coaching philosophy of Carleton head coach Dave Smart. Smart has architected one of the most dominant dynasties in collegiate sport history. He served as the head men's basketball coach at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario from 1999 to 2019, where he led the Ravens to thirteen of the team's fourteen U Sports national championships in men's basketball.

Since taking over the Ravens program in 1999-00, Smart won 92 per cent of his games against Canadian opposition between 1999 and 2019. He led the Ravens to a Canadian men's record of 87 consecutive wins in league and playoff games, from 2002-2005. Smart has been named the Canadian Collegiate Basketball Coach of the Year a record eight times, and the OUA conference coach-of-the-year awards thirteen times.



1:00 - Coaching human being to be better in so many ways

2:30 - Desire to get Better, which is Fun

4:00 - Don’t like using or talking about the word “PROCESS”

8:00 - Explaining to people his Philosophy about “Depend”

10:00 -  Finding Ways to Win

12:30 - Talking about Evil Players

14:50 - Ways He done to make them Accountable for Behavior Change

16:00 - “Better than everybody else”

18:30 - The Types of Persons in a Group and their Levels

24:00 - He Never Lose to the Bad Teams

25:00 - Leadership of his Players within his program

27:00 - His Team Defended Very Well in Games

29:00 - Comparison between their Game Last year and This year

30:00 - Process of cultivating players in his program

33:00 - Not be “Reactionary”

35:20 -  Mini Conversations

37:00 - True Emotions of Him in Referees

38:30 - Consequences That Impact Players to Hold Their Emotions to the Refs

40:30 - Consequences of Winning and Losing in Practice in a Drill

43:00 - What leads him to more success from a Coaching Perspective

46:00 - The Need of Accountability

49:00 - Philosophy of "There is too much..."

51:15 - Goal and Expectation of Player's Shot Counts in His Practice

53:00 - His Competition-Based Practices

56:00 - Teaching a Child Shoot and Defend in a Slow Learning Pace

59:00 - Philosophy and Views including Players within Practices

1:04:00 - Things that helped them succeed against Division I Teams

1:08:00 - Conclusion


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