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The Basketball Podcast

Mar 6, 2019

Aaron Fearne, Tagging Up Offensive Rebound System

Guest: Aaron Fearne, Charlotte 49ers Assistant Coach, and Former Professional Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Charlotte 49ers assistant coach, and former professional head coach, Aaron Ferne joins the podcast to discuss sending five players to the offensive boards. The podcast covers team and individual offensive rebounding tactics and techniques. Defensive transition is discussed in the context of this system to give you real insights into a stimulating idea. Fearne joins the 49ers coaching staff after spending the last nine years as head coach of the National Basketball League's Cairns Taipans, which plays in Australia's top professional league.


1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Tagging Up System

5:00 - Being on the Front Foot

9:00 - Transition Defense

11:00 - Exposing his System in NCAA Games

12:40 - Communicating in Transition

15:30 - Adjustments in the System

17:20 - Creating Advantage with Possessions

19:00 - Teaching Separation with the Player

21:00 - Struggle with the System

23:30 - Their Hands during the Scrum

24:30 - 14-Second Reset on FIBA

25:30 - Concept of Predictable Shots

27:00 - Controlling Phase

28:30 - Over Obsessions with Matchups

31:30 - Aggressive Players in Youth Development

33:00 - Female Teams who used the System

35:00 - Creating Danger for Them

36:30 - Game Plan

37:30 - Danger with the Scrum

38:30 - One-Hand Rebound

40:00 - Teaching Specific on Size Disadvantage

41:00 - Spacing the Outlet

42:30 - Commitment to the System

44:30 - Offensive Rebound used in the System

48:00 - His Kids Playing Basketball in America versus in Australia

51:00 - Holding Accountable

53:00 - Empowering of the Weak Side Players

56:00 - Conclusion

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