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The Basketball Podcast

Jan 16, 2019

Michael Fly, Assistant Coach to Head Coach

Guest: Michael Fly, Florida Gulf Coast University Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Florida Gulf Coast University head coach Michael Fly joins the podcast to discuss being an assistant coach who becomes the head coach. Fly who has spent the previous seven years as an assistant coach on the Eagles’ staff, was promoted to head coach of the FGCU men’s basketball program this spring. He gives great advice for being the best assistant coach you can be, while providing insights into how he is going to approach being a head coach.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Challenges in Taking Over the Program

5:00 - Blending Both Coaching Styles?

6:30 - Personality Change in Interacting Players

8:30 - Better Program are Player-Coach than Player-led

10:00 - Assistant Coach to Head Coaching Position

12:00 - Just be Really Good at What you do

13:30 - Examples of Things He Could Take-off Coaches Play

17:00 - Finding Opportunities to Speak

20:00 - Interview and Recruitment Process

22:00 - The Value of Recruitment and the Institution

25:00 - Things that He Done in the University

27:00 - The Most Important Situation is Your Situation

28:30 - Things Head Coaches Must Do to Develop their Assistants

31:30 - Recruiting with Assistant Coaches and Staff

34:00 - End-Game Coaching Responsibilities

36:00 - Broken Up Responsibilities and Quick Meetings

37:40 - Process of Offense

38:40 - Freedom to Make Plays

40:00 - Implementing Offense and Defense

41:30 - Teach Someone a New Position and Adjusting Players

43:00 - Conclusion


Michael Fly’s Bio




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