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The Basketball Podcast

Jan 2, 2019

TJ Saint, Practice, Video and Analytics in Modern Basketball

Guest: TJ Saint, Director of Basketball Strategy and Video with the University of Georgia

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation Director of Basketball Strategy and Video with the University of Georgia, TJ Saint, joins the podcast. Saint and Coach Oliver discuss practice, video and analytics in modern basketball. Saint has spent time as a video coordinator, player development coach, director of basketball operations with the Detroit Pistons, Butler Bulldogs, Belmont Bruins and Pure Sweat.



1:00 - Introduction

2:40 - Ideas for Watching the Video and How they can Improve

5:00 - Checklist and Watching Games like a Fan Live

7:30 - High Percentages of Rebounds go down to Nail

11:00 - Covering the Nail

12:00 - Studying Top 4 NBA Teams and their Corner Threes

15:00 - Players often Figure Stuffs out before Coaches Do

17:00 - Driving along the Slot Line and 25%

18:30 - Low Man and Pick&Roll Situation, The Next Level.

19:30 - Hit the Roller and Skip

21:00 - Tim Duncan

22:30 - Big Man being able to Drive than Shoot

26:20 - Should we leave our Feet to Challenge a Shot?

27:30 - Defensive Conversation

29:00 - Team Lines

31:00 - What is a Veer?

32:30 - The term "Scram"

34:30 - Level of Communication is Undervalued

35:30 - Adding The Names of the Call

37:00 - General Feedback

38:00 - 3 Components of Trust

40:30 - Defining Reality

42:00 - How Much the Player Cares

43:00 - How Much Basketball is Part of their Identity

44:00 - Conclusion


TJ Saint’s Bio




Basketball Immersion