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The Basketball Podcast

Sep 21, 2018

Mike Rocca, A Players Perspective

Guest: Mike Rocca, Former Windsor Lancer Basketball Player

In this week's basketball coaching conversation, Coach Mark Jablonski discusses a games approach to practicing, basketball decision training, and other aspects of training from a player's perspective, with former Windsor Lancer player Mike Rocca.

Mike Rocca played his whole university career for Basketball Immersion founder, and head coach of the University of Windsor men's basketball team, Chris Oliver. Mike developed into an all-star, and an all-time player at the University of Windsor. He graduated top 10 all-time in scoring, rebounds and assists at the University.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - How Mike was Coached

3:00 - Traditional Practice vs. Games Approach

4:30 - Better Decision-Making

5:30 - Individual Improvement Focus

6:40 - Personal Workout Routine

8:40 - Mixing Skills and Decisions

11:30 - Blueprint for Success

12:00 - "Coach Oliver is so Open-Minded"

13:00 - Evidence Based Practice

14:00 - Leading Rebounder as a 5’9 Guard

15:00 - Four B's of Basketball

16:30 - Constant Challenge

17:30 - How did Newcomers to the Program Adjust?

20:00 - Continued Improvement

22:00 - "King of the Left-Handed behind the Back Pass"

23:20 - Earning Freedom

27:30 - Transform the Game

29:30 - Using Reward Systems and Constraints

31:30 - Stopping Practice and Correction

35:30 - Asking Questions

37:30 - BDT

39:40 - Changing Mindset through the use of BDT

40:30 - Deep Talent Pool in College Basketball needs to learn BDT

42:00 - Final Thoughts of Mike Rocca

Mike Rocca’s Bio




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