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The Basketball Podcast

Sep 12, 2018

Phil Beckner, Player Development Concepts

Guest: Phil Beckner, NBA Player Development Trainer

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, NBA player development trainer Phil Beckner joins the podcast. Beckner is currently a Player Development Consultant for numerous NBA players as well as several different college basketball programs. Phil works with players, teams, and organizations to enhance performance and maximize results. He has instructed and led elite level players, and high level teams/organizations in creating a blueprint for development, and strategies to enhance leadership skills.



0:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Difference between Workouts and Development

2:10 - Detail and Teaching

3:35 - True Development Needs Feedback

4:00 - How do you Decide with the Players you work with What your Going to Develop?

4:04 - Player Development Philosophy

5:00 - Develop the Person and the Player

7:15 - "It's not Just the guy that works the hardest, the most talented, it also doing things the right way that so Important."

9:00 - Character - Building Foundation

10:18 - "...Those Habits Create Better Habits"

11:50 - Concept of Noticing Progress

14:35 - Showing Plan and How the Plan Works

16:05 - Adding Challenge

17:04 - Set the Expectation

17:30 - Precision

18:30 - "Encourage Mistakes but only if there trying to do it the Right Way"

24:41 - 1st Absolute: Knowing What You Get Done With Your Players

26:00 - 2nd Absolute: "Rips and Pivids and Jabs"

26:25 - 3rd Absolute: "Change Phase, Change Direction"

26:50 - 4th Absolute: "Finishing"

27:32 - 5th Absolute: "Shooting"

29:00 - Shooting on the Move

29:30 - Specificity of the Workout for a Player

29:35 - 4 Finishes: Regular One Leg with One Hand Off the Dribble

31:00 - 4 Finishes: Inside-Hand Finish

32:20 - 4 Finishes: Reverse Finish

33:00 - 4 Finishes: 2-Foot Power Finish

36:10 - Giving Something that Get Them Excited

37:00 - Teaching Communication and Leadership

43:36 - Start with a Mentor

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