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The Basketball Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

Fran Fraschilla, Best Practice Ideas He Has Learned

Guest: Fran Fraschilla, College Basketball Game and Studio Analyst


Fran Fraschilla joined ESPN as a college basketball game and studio analyst in 2003. He serves as an analyst primarily on Big 12 men’s basketball games, is a staple on ESPN’s coverage of the NIT and a regular on ESPN studio shows. In addition to men’s college basketball, Fraschilla previously worked as an analyst on ESPN’s NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship coverage from 2007-14.


Fraschilla also provides commentary for the NBA Draft, the FIBA Basketball World Cup and has covered the NBA and high school basketball.


Fraschilla coached at the collegiate level for 23 years as head coach at the University of New Mexico, St. John’s University and Manhattan College, posting an overall record of 175-100. When he joined ESPN, he ranked as the 34th winningest active coach in men’s college basketball. His teams made eight postseason appearances in nine years, including three NCAA Tournaments (1993, 1995 and 1998).



1:00 - Watching Other Basketball Programs to Learn

2:30 - Exposing to Practice

4:00 - Political Challenge and the Adjustments

5:30 - Coaches are more Adaptive nowadays

7:30 - Adaptability to Modern Ways of Basketball

9:30 - Emphasize Defense with Practice Offense 

10:30 - Spacing Through 3-Point Line

12:30 - Defense is far more ahead than the Offensive Side

14:00 - How do Make Practice tougher than Games

16:30 - Cleaner Practices

19:00 - Connecting Concepts to the Players

24:00 - Adding Challenge to the Shell Drill

25:30 - Non-Negotiables

28:00 - Important things  for him this year

31:00 - Knowing the  Evidence and "Jasper Assist"

33:30 - Analytics and the Communicated Practice

35:30 - Pure Toughness

38:30 - Changes in his team

43:30 - Handling Consequences

46:00 - Game Observation and Preparation 

48:30 - Physical Consequences

51:00 - Concept of Walkthrough

54:00 - Things Stimulating to Him that is Different

59:30 - Teams and Coaches that he studied over the years

1:02:00 - Essence of broadcasting

1:03:00 - Conclusion  


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