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The Basketball Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

Frank Dehel, Underutilized Strategies That Increase Win Percentage 

Guest: Frank Dehel, Founder and CEO of DribbleHandoff


Frank Dehel is founder and CEO of DribbleHandoff, the analytical platform for coaches of all levels. Frank analyzes NCAA and NBA data to share underutilized strategies and develop unique metrics, including his much-acclaimed college basketball shot quality metric, ShotQ. Previously, he consulted for Duke University during their 2015 Championship run. He also worked as an analyst for Phil Martelli at St. Joseph’s University, using analytics to impact lineup construction, player development, and opponent scouting.


Places for people to reach me:

Twitter: @DribbleHandoff



1:00 - How he come to the Analytics Business

2:00 - How He Arrived His Strategies and Data

5:00 - The Mid Range Shot is Dying

7:30 - Explaining the Midrange Concept to Coaches and Players

10:00 - Good Teams to Watch for this Strategy

11:00 - Learning The Value of the Corner 3's

13:00 - Using Data from Corner 3's and Taking Advantage of it

15:30 - Data on Moving vs Shooting in the Corner 3's

18:30 - Good teams to watch the exploitation of the Corner 3's

19:30 - Value of the Post Up

25:30 - The Post Up Zone

26:30 - Good Teams that are Valuing the Post Ups

27:30 - Pick and Roll at the NBA and College Level 

30:00 - Uncontested Mid Range Shots

31:30 - Good Teams to Watch fro Ball Screen Coverages

32:20 - Switching and Drive and Kick Situation

36:00 - Improving Free Throw Percentage with Increased Repetitions

39:00 - Working on Isolated Free Throw Training

42:00 - Valuing Defensive Players and Practical Part of it for Coaches

46:00 - Valuing Shots in an Unfair Way

48:00 - Offense Hunt the Matchup on Defense

50:00 - Conclusion


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