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The Basketball Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

Duggar Baucom, Shooting 3’s and Playing Fast

Guest: Dugger Baucom, Citadel Basketball Head Coach


In this week’s coaching conversation, Citadel head men’s basketball coach Dugger Baucom joins The Basketball Podcast to discuss playing fast, shooting a high volume of 3-point shots, and competing with less talent.

Baucom was hired as the Citadel's head coach following the 2014–15 season. He was previously the head coach at Virginia Military Institute. He's also served a coach at Tusculum, Davidson, Western Carolina and Northwestern State.

Of the 13 head coaches in Citadel basketball history who have coached four or more years, Baucom is only the fourth to record double-digit wins in each of his first four seasons. Baucom’s 45 wins in his first four years rank tied for fifth among the 13 Citadel head coaches who coached 4-plus years. Of the 30 head coaches in program history, Baucom’s 45 wins rank tied for ninth in program history.



1:00 - Two Most Challenging Jobs for Him

2:30 - His Great Offense

4:30 - Origin of his Coaching

8:00 - Dealing with his Less Talented Team

10:00 - Buying Out Freedom to his Players

13:00 - Emphasizing his Offense

15:00 - Structured Offense 

16:00 - Calls for Certain Situation

17:30 - Place on Free Throws

20:30 - Mentality to work anywhere

23:00 - Methodology in Practice that leads to Freedom

25:30 - Charting and Develop the mentality to shoot

28:00 - Conscious Process within his Actions

30:00 - Decision Making

33:00 - Goal of the Full Court Pressure

35:00 - Changing defensive possession within possessions

37:30 - Division 1 Coach and a State Police Officer

40:00 - Shot Inflation

42:00 - His Shot Chart Just Like a Doughnut

44:00 - Emphasis on Three Point Shot

46:00 - Conditioning and the Duration of Practice

48:00 - Challenge for the Mentality as a Head Coach

50:00 - Someone explain his philosophy better than he did

52:30 - Takeaways from the Basketball Immersion Community


Duggar Baucom’s Bio




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