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The Basketball Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

Jay Triano, Special Situations

Guest: Jay Triano, Former Two-Time NBA Head Coach

In this week’s coaching conversation, former two-time NBA head coach Jay Triano joins The Basketball Podcast to discuss special situations. Triano is currently the lead assistant coach of the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He previously served as the head coach of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and the interim head coach of the Phoenix Suns. A former Canadian men’s national team player who competed in two Olympics, he also had two stints as head coach of the national team.

Jay Triano has an extensive history with the sport of basketball, encompassing everything from a player to a head coach to an assistant coach.

Triano settled down with a six-year assistant coaching position for the Toronto Raptors. He became the team’s head coach in 2008 and served in that role for four seasons. Triano has since been an NBA assistant coach and the head coach of Team Canada. His extensive history with the sport of basketball has left him with much wisdom and experience that he uses to shape the lives of young adults both in his home country and in the United States of America.



1:00 - The “Last Second Play”

4:00 - Sharing the Game

6:00 - Developing Awareness of his Players

8:00 - Understanding Late Game Situations

10:00 - Developing and Exploring

11:00 - Knowing What to Practice

13:00 - Using a Late Game Foul

17:00 - How to Foul

22:00 - One Dribble per Second

23:00 - Conservative Defense

25:00 - Using Analytics to Form Strategies

28:00 - Analytics in NBA Regular Season and Playoffs

33:00 - Best Strategies for Managing a Staff

35:00 - Being a Head Coach

38:00 - Defensive Side Out of Bounds

40:00 - Diagram Plays

43:00 - Ways to Connect to his Players

46:00 - Open Look book

48:00 - Conclusion


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