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The Basketball Podcast

Sep 4, 2019

Mark Bennett, Supporting Change and Better Influencers

Guest: Mark Bennett, Former Instructor in the British Commandos and senior Warrant Officer within the Army Physical Training Corps


Basketball Podcast to discuss how his Performance System Development (PDS) can support change for managers, teachers, coaches, and athletes.

Mark Bennett is a former Instructor in the British Commandos and senior Warrant Officer within the Army Physical Training Corps who has transformed his nearly 30 years of practice and research into developing the Performance Development Systems (PDS); a robust set of principles that can facilitate world class learning, performance cultures and environments.

He currently works as a consultant, coach, trainer and mentor with various professional and national sport organizations, teams and Universities around the world, as well as Schools and community sports to help transform the leadership capabilities of every coach and teacher that he comes in contact with. Put simply, Mark makes people better “influencers”.

Over the last 3 decades Mark has worked with over 30 sports at all levels and age groups. This includes grass roots, professional and International teams, national sports organisations & Olympic coaches.



1:00 - 3 Key elements of what he does

3:00 - "Performance is a Behavior‚ Not an Outcome"

5:00 - Ultimate Goal of the performance

8:00 - Extremities Position

9:00 - Coping Coaching Interventions

13:00 - PDS look like in real situations

16:00 - Effective Scanning

17:30 - Non-negotiables

19:00 - Agreement and Reminding

20:30 - Principle of "Player First‚ Player Last"

23:00 - Hypening Mental Effort During Practice

25:30 - Questions coaches should be used for desired outcomes

29:30 - Things that Coaches Can Do to Better Regulate Themselves

32:30 - Self-awareness is Talent

34:00 - Handling Tough Coaching

36:30 - Holding Players Accountable to Doing like Non-negotiable

39:00 - Be Better in the Game as Coaches

41:30 - Doing Group v’s Individual Interventions as Coaches

44:00 - Technical and Tactical Approaches

47:00 - Taking these approaches while Maintaining Uniqueness

49:00 - Practical Things used by Coaches that fit into his system

52:00 - How coaches commit their way of coaching when results matter

55:30 - Developing these Principles of Coaching without his Support

58:00 - Challenges that Coaches Face when taking on the approach

1:00:00 - 3 Things that you need to focus on as Coaches

1:01:00 - Conclusion


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