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The Basketball Podcast

Jul 18, 2018

A Season of Learning with Amanda Butler

Guest: Amanda Butler, Head Coach of Clemson Tigers Women’s Basketball Team

In this week's basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Amanda Butler. Butler is the head coach of the Clemson Tigers women's basketball team. Prior to that, she was the head coach for the Florida Gators women's basketball team and the Charlotte 49ers women's basketball team. This past year she took a year off and invested in her learning as she visited the Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder, and many other basketball programs. In the podcast Coach Butler discusses some of her best learning during her time as a head coach, and on her year off.


0:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Amanda’s Ideas that would Impact other Coaches

4:00 - Transferring her ideas to Clemson Basketball Team

5:30 - Distractions

6:20: Emphasis and a Need for Fundamentals to be taught really well

8:00 - Communication and Relationships

10:30 - Be consistent across every Program

11:00 - Helping coaches in terms of Intentional Messaging

12:00 - Offensive, Defensive Philosophies and Daily Messages in every team

14:30 - Sharing Stories and Experiences to connect with Players

17:00 - Giving Freedom to a Player

18:00 - Helping players to be an Active Participant in their Development and the whole process.

19:40 - Level of Coaching and Active Coaching

22:00 - Adjustments that stood out to Coach Amanda

22:30 - 3-man Approach

23:30 - Adjustments to Elite players in Another team

25:00 - Unique Language; Learning and Decoding it

26:50 - Maximizing Time on Tasks

27:40 - SImilarities of her coaching to other Coaches

30:00 - Fatigue Factor

31:00 - Valuing of Player and their Energy Levels

34:00 - On-going process of Practice Duration and Practice Energy-to-Work Ratio

35:30 - Group Video Resources

37:00 - Blank State

38:00 - Determining Individual Work; Doing 1 on 1 and 3 on 3 Approach

39:00 - Creating Competition

40:30 - Specific Things to use to Emphasis Competition

43:00 - Creating Situation to apply in the Game

44:00 - Communicating and Awareness of the Time and Score

45:00 - Conclusion


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