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The Basketball Podcast

Aug 14, 2019

Mike Sotsky, Less is More Philosophy

Guest: Mike Sotsky, Harvard’s Basketball Assistant Coach

In this week’s coaching conversation, Mike Sotsky, an assistant coach with Harvard's men's basketball team, joins The Basketball Podcast.

Sotsky is heading into his fourth season working with the Crimson under coach Tommy Amaker.

The 2018-19 season was a good one for Harvard, as the team won its second-straight Ivy League championship, and earned its second-straight trip to the NIT, scoring its first ever win in the tournament in program history, beating Georgetown (71-68).

A native of Wyckoff, N.J., Sotsky went to Ramapo High School, and then graduated from Duke in 2015, armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree, a double major in History and Public Policy.

He spent four seasons as the Blue Devils' team manager, moving up to be a staff assistant, helping the Duke basketball staff with scouting, recruiting, video, and day-to-day operations. Sotsky was a part of Duke's 2015 NCAA championship team, serving as the senior manager, and was a co-recipient of the Gopal Varadhan Award, presented annually to the program’s top upperclassman manager.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Being a Coach in this Era of Basketball

3:30 - Coach Amaker's Influence to Him

4:30 - Less is More

6:30 - Simplified Scouting

9:00 - Opportunity and Time Cost

10:00 - Self Scout

13:00 - Desire to Help his Players

15:00 - Talking about Baseline Inbound

17:00 - Handling their Analytics

19:00 - Quick O-B

20:00 - Handling Consequences and Correction

23:30 - Dealing with Practice Design

26:30 - Working on Opening tip

28:00 - Happening in Intervention

31:00 - The Things He Do to Manage his Amazing Ideas

34:00 - More Concepts of Coach Amaker

37:00 - Managing Offensive Concepts into a Simpler Function

39:00 - Freedom of Making Decisions

41:00 - Things he Learned from Coach Amaker/Krzyzewski

43:00 - Changes in Ball Screen Coverage

46:00 - Simplify

47:30 - Player Development for his Players 

50:00 - Skill Equals Confidence 

54:00 - Post Development is Overlooked 

57:00 - Focusing on the Fundamentals

59:30 - “Too simple is not good either”

1:01:00 - Conclusion/Plugging his Social Media Accounts


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