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The Basketball Podcast

Aug 7, 2019

Joe Prunty, Big Picture NBA Coaching

Guest: Joe Prunty, Former NBA Assistant and Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Joe Prunty who has served as both an assistant and head coach in the NBA joins us to discuss the big picture of NBA coaching. In 22 seasons, Prunty has won three NBA Championships with San Antonio (1999, 2003 and 2005), one NBA Finals appearance with Dallas (2006), four Western Conference Championships (Spurs, Mavericks), and 16 NBA Playoffs appearances.

In 2017-18, Prunty had a 21-16 record while serving as the Bucks’ interim head coach and led the team to an NBA playoff appearance.

Prunty also served as the interim head coach for 17 games in 2015-16 while Jason Kidd underwent surgery. Bucks went 8-9 and ranked 4th in the East in Offensive Rating during this stretch.

Served as the head coach of the Great Britain National Team for five years (2013-17).

Appointed interim head coach when Jason Kidd was out for two games with the Brooklyn Nets in 2013-14.

On staff of Gregg Popovich and Avery Johnson when they won Coach of the Year Awards.



1:00 - Factors To Win an NBA Championship

2:30 - Chemistry is Important

5:00 - How to Make a Productive Staff

7:00 - The Right Amount of Discussion

10:00 - Trends that are Coming in the Next Years

13:00 - Actions more than Plays 

15:00 - Defensive  Mindset

17:00 - Talking about Cutting

20:00 - Influencing Concepts

21:30 - Structure to Unstructured

24:00 - Vision and the Fundamentals 

26:30 - Expectations of an NBA Coach 

29:30 - Importance of an Organizational List

34:00 - Coaching Unique Players or Unicorns 

40:00 - Scouting an Opponent as a Head Coach vs Assistant Coach

43:00 - Self Evaluating their Post Game

46:00 - Defensive Coordinator Could be the Head Coach

49:00 - Real Changed When Watching Playoff Basketball  

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