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The Basketball Podcast

Jul 24, 2019

Eric Musselman, Life Long Learning

Guest: Eric Musselman, University of Arkansas Basketball Men’s Head Coach

Eric musselman’s remarkable career in basketball is not just lengthy—at more than 30 years—and varied, but it is on-going and meaningful. His visit to The Basketball Podcast covers a lot of ground.

Currently, he is the head coach of the men’s team at the University of Arkansas. Upon hiring Musselman in April 2019, Arkansas  Director of Athletics Hunter Yurachek said, “Eric Musselman is a coach that has had experience at every level of basketball from the NCAA to the NBA ... He was practically born into the game and his passion for basketball is unmistakable.”

Musselman jumped to the Razorbacks after returning the University of Nevada into a perennial NCAA Tournament team during his four-year stay, with a 110-34 record and .764 winning percentage. Previously at the college level, he had been as an assistant coach with Arizona State and an associate coach with LSU. 

Coach Musselman was born in Ashland, Ohio, and went to the University of San Diego, and played in two NCAA tourneys with the Toreros. But coaching was in his future, since his father, Bill, had coached in the NBA, NCAA, ABA, WBA, and CBA. Eric’s first head coaching job was at age 23, working with the Continental Basketball Association’s Rapid City Thrillers. He also coached in the United States Basketball League and in the National Basketball Association’s developmental league.

In the NBA, he had assistant coaching gigs with the Minnesota Timberwolves (1990-91), Orlando

Magic (1998-2000), Atlanta Hawks (2000-02), and Memphis Grizzlies (2004-06), and was the head coach of the Golden State Warriors (2002-04) and Sacramento Kings (2006-07).

Internationally, Musselman has coached the national teams of the Dominican Republic (2010-11) and Venezuela (2011-13), and worked with the American and Chinese squads at the Adidas Global Experience (2009, 2010).



2:00 - His Notebook

3:00 - Started a Blog and reading Articles on Coaching Profession 

5:00 - Experienced in the NBA that helped him in Collegiate Basketball find Success

7:30 - How They Build Their Program

9:40 - Their Recruiting Process and Program

13:00 - His Relation to Transfer Concept

16:40 - Things that changed of proving himself and to be better as a coach

20:00 - Stop Enjoying Winning

22:30 - Energy of his players

24:00 - Expectations

26:00 - Matchup Oriented on Offense

28:20 - Live Ball Turnover

30:00 - Defining Roles to his Players

32:30 - Having Simple Plays and New Plays to his System

35:00 - Knowing the idea of why he does Simple Plays

38:30 - Offensive Script

40:20 - Assistant Coach Calling Plays to the Players

42:00 - Being an Assistant Coach

45:00 - How he practices his plays

48:30 - Things he learned from his readings 

51:00 - We need to evolve 

53:00 - Conclusion


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