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The Basketball Podcast

Jul 17, 2019

Will Voigt, Rethinking Defensive Concepts

Guest: Will Voigt, Angola National Team Head Coach

Bring an atlas along as the amazingly well-travelled Will Voight brings his fascinating resume to The Basketball Podcast, including hoops talk about his current role as the head coach of the national men's team of Angola.

Voigt's early days were in rural Cabot, Vermont, shooting hoops on the side of a barn, but he went cross-country to Pomona College in Claremont, California, for college, where he lettered in soccer and earned a political science degree.

He served as an intern for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers for the 1998-99, and progressed to video coordinator with the San Antonio Spurs for the two subsequent seasons. The next step was taking an assistant's role for coach Rick Barnes at the University of Texas at Austin for a season, followed by another year as an assistant, this time for the 2002-03 Metro State Roadrunners in Denver, with coach Mike Dunlap.

Then the journey really began.

From 2002-06, Voigt worked with the Norwegian squad, Ulriken Elite, as a head coach. He got called home, by a fan vote yet, to coach theVermont Frost Heaves to back-to-back ABA Championships, serving there until 2009. Similarly, the fans wanted him so he went to the NBA Development League's Bakersfield Jam in California, sticking around until 2014.

For 2014-15, Voigt was an assistant coach with the Chinese Basketball Association's Shanxi Brave Dragons.

Up next came a head coaching gig with the Nigerian men's team, where the team took the AfroBasket 2015 title, earning an automatic berth in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Another African team, Angola, signed Voigt to a three-year deal to run its national team in November 2017.

“I’ve been fortunate to have had these opportunities,” Voigt told USA Today in 2016. “I didn’t set out with a blueprint of how do I get to China? How do I get to Norway? How do I get to Nigeria? It just presented itself. I certainly wasn’t afraid of going somewhere different. The way it’s played out, I don’t think I could have ever predicted.”



1:00 - Preparation for FIBA World Cup

2:00 - Roster Flexibility

4:00 - Planning Based on Who We Played Against 

6:00 - Experience In the G-League

8:00 - Knowing Opponent’s Personnel

10:00 - Rid of 4-Man Shell 

12:30 - “When the ball moves, 5 man moves with it”

15:00 - Talking about Peel Switching 

21:00 - Application of Peel Switching

23:00 - Transferring the Peel Switching to his Offense

25:00 - Not Playing in a US Style of Play 

28:00 - Takeaway as a coach from International Standpoint

30:30 - Things to do To Avoid Rotation in Defense

33:00 - Player’s Accountability on Rotation 

36:20 - People Don’t Help Off the Corners

39:30 - Timeout that Set Your Defense and the Value of Timeout

43:30 - Specific Formula or teaching Points  for Two for Ones

48:00 - Conclusion 


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