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The Basketball Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

Episode 61: Cody Toppert, Player Development And Building An Offense

Guest: Cody Topper, newly named University of Memphis Tigers Assistant Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, newly named University of Memphis Tigers assistant coach Cody Toppert joins the podcast to discuss player development and the implementation of analytics into building an offense. 

Last year, Cody served as the Director of Player Development for the Phoenix Suns. In that role, he created and managed the development plans for Phoenix Suns players. Cody also served as staff liaison to the analytics department, assisting with the creation and implementation of the Suns pre and post-game analytics packets under Head Coach Igor Kokoskov.

Cody has G-League experience as a head coach of the Northern Arizona Suns, and as an assistant coach by the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. He was promoted to an assistant coaching position with the Phoenix Suns after one season with Northern Arizona.



1:00 - First to Consider to Build Player's Development Plan

3:00 - Things to do to increase a player's ability to finish at the rim

5:00 - "They Don't Get There"

6:45 - Dance Game

8:40 - Own Your Game

10:00 - Improving One Foot Finish

12:00 - "Script It. Read it. Play it."

14:30 - Coach Cody's Philosophy in Terms of Ratio

15:48 - Simulations

19:00 - Things to Foster Creativity

22:12 - Feedback 

25:40 - Analytics on Off The Pass and Off Decisions

27:30 - Quantified Shooter Impact

28:30 - When in Doubt, Take A Bounce

30:30 - Concept of Game Speed

32:30 - Rhythm Related to Skill Execution

34:30 - Things Coach Cody’s Done to Notice the Progress

36:00 - Developing Players

38:00 - Asking Players Questions for their Development

42:34 - Analytics in terms of Building an Offense

44:30 - Number of Passes Leading to Better Percentage of Shots

48:31 - Rebound the Ball Defensively and Get in the Ball Offensively

50:00 - Rim Run 

52:30 - Point Guard Push

54:30 - Post at the Rim, Trail at the Slot

57:00 - Talking about Spacing

59:00 - Hand-offs vs ball Screens

1:02:00 - Explaining Rerouting

1:03:00 - One Step Advantage

1:04:30 - The Different Dribble Hand Off-Ball Screen Dribble Pitch

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