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The Basketball Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

Guest: Mike Taylor, European Coaching Legend

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, European coaching legend Mike Taylor joins the podcast to discuss building a national team program and coaching trends in international basketball. Since 2014, he has coached Poland's national basketball team. He has helped end their 52-year World Cup absence of qualifying for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019. This will be only the second FIBA World Cup appearance for Poland. The two year qualification process, saw Poland compiling an 8-4 mark, winning their last five games, upsetting Croatia twice and Italy once.

Taylor is also currently the head coach of the Hamburg Towers of the German ProA. In his first season, he won the championship with the club and led Hamburg to its first promotion to the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL).



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Creating a Positive Environment to his Team

4:00 - Positive is almost Confronting to the Players

6:00 - Things to Focus on in a Short Time Frame

8:00 - Preparing for FIBA tournaments

11:00 - Flexibility and Versatility

13:00 - Game Plan in Advance

15:00 - Flexible System Means

17:00 - Reading the Game

19:00 - Walkthroughs, Active and 55/50 Drill

21:30 - Zero Coverage

24:00 - Defending the Dribble Handoffs and Whip

27:00 - Flexibility of Defense between Situational Denial

29:00 - Different Adjustments

31:33 - Dealing with Really High IQ Players

34:40 - 5-on-0 Pop Penetration

38:00 - Spending time on 5-on-0 Pop Penetration

39:00 - Talk about the "5" Position

42:00 - What to Expect to Poland Basketball

44:00 - Fun Seeing in the World Cup

45:30 - Practical Things Coach Mike Done to Bring Team Together

Mike Taylor’s Bio



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