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The Basketball Podcast

May 15, 2019

Jim Crutchfield, Pressing Uptempo Style of Play

Guest: Jim Crutchfield, Nova Southeastern Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Nova Southeastern head coach Jim Crutchfield joins the podcast to talk about his pressing uptempo philosophy. Crutchfield is one of the most successful coaches in NCAA basketball history.

NCAA coaching legend Jim Crutchfield became the head coach at NCAA D2 Nova Southeastern on March 21, 2017, following a historical stint at West Liberty in West Virginia, and quickly introduced a pressing, uptempo style of play that his known for. His recipe for success that had worked during the previous 13 years at West Liberty translated a 6-20 program into a National contender.

Prior to his arrival in Fort Lauderdale, Crutchfield built arguably the most high-profile Division II program in the nation during 13 seasons with West Liberty. Having coached the Hilltoppers since 2004-17, he amassed a career record of 359-61 (.855), which was the highest career winning percentage in college basketball history among ALL NCAA coaches who had spent at least 10 seasons as an NCAA head coach. That places Crutchfield in an elite class of coaching legends that includes Kentucky's Adolph Rupp (3rd all-time), UCLA's John Wooden (7th) and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski (21st).



1:00 - Left for a challenge

2:00 - Scrimmage Philosophy

4:40 - The Process

6:30 - Things Addressed During Scrimmage

8:40 - Isolation Work

10:30 - Defensive Pressure within the Scrimmage

12:00 - Getting Quickly into the Pressure

15:00 - How his Players Compete in Scrimmage

18:00 - Never Read a Basketball Book in his Life

19:00 - Shaping his Philosophy

21:00 - Teaching Players Decision Making

23:00 - Watching Video with his Players

24:20 - Scoring in Transition

26:00 - 10 Second Shot Clock

27:00 - Attacking to crete Confidence

29:00 - Spacing Template

30:00 - Emphasizing Everything

31:00 - Enjoying the System

32:20 - Talking about Advantage/Disadvantage

33:30 - Defining Shot Selection

35:00 - Players Care about Winning and Losing

36:00 - Phase of Play: Up Tempo Practice

39:00 - Ways to Create Gaps to Drive

41:00 - Playing Through the Elbows a Lot

45:00 - He Believed in a Game of Basketball that Don't Anymore

46:00 - Better Coach because of his Philosophy

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