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The Basketball Podcast

May 1, 2019

David Arseneault Jr., The Grinnell System

Guest: David Arseneault Jr., Grinnell Pioneers’ Head Men’s Basketball Coach

David Arseneault Jr. is the NCAA D3 Grinnell Pioneers’ head men’s basketball coach, taking over duties from his father, David Arseneault. The elder Arseneault, who created the Grinnell system, retired in June 2018. The Grinnell System, sometimes referred to as The System, is a fast-tempo style of basketball. It is a variation of the run-and-gun system popularized by coach Paul Westhead at Loyola Marymount University in the early 1980s. The Grinnell System relies on shooting three-point field goals, applying constant pressure with a full-court press, and substituting players frequently.

Arseneault Jr., who previously played and coached at Grinnell, returned to Grinnell in 2017-18 after two seasons leading the Reno Bighorns, the NBA D-League affiliate of the Sacramento Kings. During his time with Reno, the Bighorns won the Western Conference with a 33-17 mark, claimed the Pacific Division title and set a D-League record for offensive efficiency. Arseneault Jr. was named Coach of the Year by SB Nation. Over a two-season span, the Bighorns posted a 53-47 record and had six players called up to the NBA. They led the league in numerous categories, including points per game, 3-point field goals, 3-point percentage, assists per game and assist-turnover ratio.



1:00 - the Grinnell System

2:00 - Challenges on Recruiting Players

3:00 - Players Played in the Game

5:30 - Administrative Support

7:40 - Reaching out

9:40 - Balance within the system

11:20 - Preferred Playmaker

14:00 - Having a Scorer on Each Platoon

16:00 - Defining Roles

20:00 - Variation of Styles Principles

23:00 - Things That Coaches are Missing to the System

25:30 - Scouting Reports on Opponent's Actions

29:19 - Takeaways From Offensive Particular in the G-League

33:00 - Teams that are unwatchable for Him

38:00 - Introduce the Defense

40:30 - Part of His System that works at the Youth Development

42:30 - Benefits of His System

44:00 - Improving INdividually

45:00 - Type of Shot: Bad Shot or Good Shot?

46:00 - Four Factors

47:30 - Analytics in terms of Field Goal Percentage

49:00 - Charting

50:00 - Final Thoughts


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