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The Basketball Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Dave Smart, Matchup Based Offense and Defense

Guest: Dave Smart, Carleton Basketball Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, learn the competitive coaching philosophy of Carleton head coach Dave Smart. Smart has architected one of the most dominant dynasties in collegiate sport history. He served as the head men's basketball coach at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario from 1999 to 2019, where he led the Ravens to thirteen of the team's fourteen U Sports national championships in men's basketball.

Since taking over the Ravens program in 1999-00, Smart won 92 per cent of his games against Canadian opposition between 1999 and 2019. He led the Ravens to a Canadian men's record of 87 consecutive wins in league and playoff games, from 2002-2005. Smart has been named the Canadian Collegiate Basketball Coach of the Year a record eight times, and the OUA conference coach-of-the-year awards thirteen times.



1:00 - Force Left Defense

3:00 - Matchup Defense

5:00 - Focusing on Individuals

8:00 - Synergy in the Analytics

11:00 - No Help, Drive and Finding Open Players

13:30 - If you can't pass, You can't play.

15:30 - Forcing on Ability to Pass

18:00 - Dictated by Plan

19:40 - None

22:00 - Square

23:00 - Teaching on a Close Out

26:00 - Different Base Mechanics

28:30 - Is Defense Age Appropriate?

31:30 - Introduction of Defense Right Away

33:30 -Run and Jump

35:00 - Explaining Players Help Needs

36:30 - Defend Off the Ball Screening

38:00 - ADVERTISEMENT (Dave Smart Program)

39:00 - Ball Screen

42:00 - Actions That He Struggled the Most

44:30 - Post Defense

48:30 - Making Calls While in Post Defense

50:30 -Things He Emphasize in Transition

53:00 - They Dictate Matchups

54:30 - Running Players to the Dunker's Spot

56:30 - Talking about "Spacing"

1:01:00 - Taking the Spot

1:03:00 - How his doing Work on Spacing?

1:04:30 - Shot Selection Discussion

1:08:00 - Dictating Defense and Shots

1:11:00 - Forgetting to Look at the Chart

1:12:00 - Sharing his Knowledge

1:15:00 - Conclusion


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