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The Basketball Podcast

Jul 11, 2018

Shooting The Basketball with Coach Dave Love


Guest: Coach Dave Love, NBA Shooting Coach

In this week's basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Dave Love. Coach Love has worked as an NBA shooting consultant with the Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, as well as a number of other teams and national programs. He also has conducted shooting clinics around the world for over 10 years. The podcast discusses many aspects of shooting including technique, retention, and teaching shooting to pros vs. youth players.


0:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Is there a perfect Shooting Technique?

3:00 - Non-Negotiable Things Apply to All Shooters Regardless of their Technique

3:30 - Shooting in the Middle of the Ball

5:30 - Sample Size

8:00 - The Players Can Do in the Absence of their Coach Dave in terms of Shooting in the best way possible

11:00 - Parents must Teach their Children How to shoot a Ball

12:00 - Should we worried about Shooting in pre-pubescent Age Group?

15:30 - Building Retention for children in terms of Shooting

16:30 - Enjoyment on Building a Skill and the Game

19:00 - Personality as a Coach towards Development

20:00 - Put Effort in terms of Developing Skill of an individual

22:00 - Shooting is an Unconscious Effort

22:30 - How do you Sale your Player?

25:00 - Ego inlines to the Ability

27:40 - "What do you feel while Shooting?"

30:00 - "Squared up" Meaning

31:10 - Bending Your Legs while Shooting

32:00 - Turning your Feet away from the target increases the Ability to make Shots?

34:00 - Best model for Mimic Shooting or Staring to Learn Concept

36:00 - Is Klay Thompson realistically for some to simulate his Shooting?

37:30 - Klay Thompson is a Two-Motion Player

38:00 - Teaching Shooting Techniques for Youth Camps

40:30 - What Age should we focus on the Development of Shooting and teaching the fundamentals?

41:00- Redefining What a Fundamental is

43:10 - Level of Defense Transformation from Time to Time

44:00 - Focused-Effort, Shooting are Boring?

46:00 - Solutions for improving a Player's Shot whose shoots from his Belly Button Area

48:00 - How to Correct Player's Shot so that the ball will have a Perfect Backspin?

50:00 - Every NBA team does not have a Shooting Coach

52:00 - Other thoughts and Conclusion


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