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The Basketball Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

Pascal Meurs, Basketball Is Not Pre-Programmed

Guest: Pascal Meurs, European Professional Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, European professional coach Pascal Meurs join the podcast to discuss moving away from preprogrammed drills and applying analytics in simple ways. Meurs is a professional basketball coach with experience at the highest level in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg.

Pascal is an expert in advanced basketball analytics with a Phd in mathematics. As a skilled speaker on coaching clinics, he has been invited to three different continents.



1:00 - Why He Don’t Like Pre-Program Drills?

2:20 - Things that we can do to Make our Players Smarter

4:00 - Alternative to the 11-Man Drill

5:40 - Passing Drill is Primary in their Era

7:15 - Teaching Players How to Relate Practice to the Game

9:00 - Things to do to Help Players Train Defensive Decision Making

11:00 - Loads for Learning Drills

13:00 - Assessment Dictates Tomorrow’s Emphasis of the Drill

14:30 - Development of Coaching Both Side at the Same Time

16:30 - Doing a Lot of 1-on-1

18:30 - Limit a Defender to Emphasize Offense/Defense Decision Making

20:00 - Traditional 1-on-1 Drills, Limiting in terms of Development

21:47 - Creating Game Situation

23:00 - Decision Making Off the Ball on 1-on-1 Progressions

24:00 - Twice a Day Program

25:00 - Starting 5-on-5 on a Stationary

26:50 - Defense: Intensity and Communication is Important

29:40 - Terminology Used in Recovery on Ball Screen

31:30 - Personal Stats that He Valued as a Coach

33:00 - “The more passes, the more chances to have buckets”

36:00 - Defending Harder

37:30 - Other Ways we can Measure Playing Hard

39:00 - Pace

42:30 - Win Games by Playing Slower

44:00 - Pace and Efficiency in Offense

47:00 - Decision Making on doing Faster or Slower Pace of Playing

49:00 - Analytics Coaches are Missing out On

50:50 - Marry The Analytics with Video

52:30 - Things to do when Self-Scouting

54:00 - Closing Remarks Advice to Coaches

56:00 - Conclusion


Pascal Meurs’ Bio






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