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The Basketball Podcast

Mar 27, 2019

Vance Walberg, Dribble Drive Offense

Guest: Vance Walberg, Former Assistant Coach in the NBA

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, one of the most innovative minds in basketball brings his approach and philosophy to the basketball podcast as Vance Walberg shares some ideas on the dribble drive offense. Vance Walberg's Dribble Drive system has evolved into an offensive attack adopted, and adapted, with thousand of coaches of all levels all over the world.



1:00 - Started of his Dribble Drive Offense

2:40 - Evolution of the Game

3:30 - Seeing Elements in Teams Playing Nowadays

4:30 - Depth of his Teaching

5:40 - Mistakes Coaches Made with the Dribble Drive

7:00 - Teaching Points of what is a Good Shot at the Rim

9:20 - Things that Allow to Ability to Attack the Weak Side

11:00 - Spacing to the Corners and Triple Gaps

14:00 - Advice to Coaches to their Drills and System

16:30 - Other Thoughts on Dribble Drive

17:30 - Empowering the Weak Side

19:15 - Outlets for Trouble

21:00 - Emphasizing Dibbler Countering

23:30 - Talking about Rockets and their Plays

24:30 - Progression of Teaching Dribble Drive at Different Levels

26:00 - Best Defense Against Dribble Drive

28:00 - Switching at Dribble Drive

31:00 - Running Dribble Drive in Zones

32:00 - “Two-Sets” Concept

35:00 - In-Depth Offensive Rebounding Rules

39:00 - Favorite Technique in Creating Triple Gap

41:00 - Favorite Entry Action

42:30 - Things to Emphasize if his Team Don’t Have a Lot of Shoot

44:00 - Dimensional Players

45:30 - His Favorite Drills and it’s Changes

48:00 - Do Some People Sacrifice Primary Transition in Dribble Drive?

49:40 - Dribble Drive with Transition is Primary Offense

52:00 - Running Dribble Drive as a Main Offense in NBA Level

53:00 - Scouting Opponent

55:00 - Players Make Their Own Reads to the Opponents

56:00 - Things the He Charting

57:00 - Suggestion and Advices to Learn Dribble Drive

58:00 - Conclusion


Vance Walberg’s Bio




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