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The Basketball Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

Hanno Mottola, Developing A Program Wide Philosophy

Guest: Hanno Mottola, Finnish Basketball Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Finnish basketball coach Hanno Möttölä joins the podcast to share ideas to help your program define its playing style. Möttölä shares ideas from his playing and coaching career, as a leading figure in Finnish basketball, to help us to better understand how to run a basketball program.

Möttölä has been with the Helsinki Basketball Academy’s as an assistant coach since 2012. In that role he assists with player development, player recruitment, NCAA recruiting and many other roles. He also currently serves as an assistant coach for the Finnish men’s A2 team.

As a player, Möttölä became the first Finnish player in the NBA when he played for the Atlanta Hawks, and the first Finn in the Euroleague. He helped lead Utah to the NCAA Final 4 in 1998 playing for Rick Majerus. He was also captain of the national team for 15 years appearing in one World Cup in 2014, and three European Championships (1995, 2011, 2013).


1:00 - Introduction

3:00 - Story of Lauri Markkanen

5:00 - Skipping Fundamentals

6:40 - Steph Curry Effect

10:00 - Working on Lauri's Shooting Form

13:00 - Concept and Process of Brad Steven

15:30 - Finland Basketball

18:00 - Big Mobile Big Guys

19:30 - Controlling The Ball

20:40 - Ball's in The Deny Trailer

23:00 - Forcing Offense to Run Higher

24:10 - Needing a Game Plan for Denial

27:00 - Weak Side Eye

30:00 - Aggressive on the Ball

31:00 - Defending the Post

32:00 - Fronting the Post

35:00 - Transitioning to Offense

37:00 - Unselfish Society

38:00 - Running Ball Screen All The Time

40:00 - Set Plays

42:00 - Cutting Players

44:00 - Implementing Offense

45:00 - Synergy of the Game

47:00 - Lithuania

49:00 - Finland National Team

51:00 - Strategy

55:00 - Final Words


Hanno Mottola’s Bio




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