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The Basketball Podcast

Feb 6, 2019

Alan Keane, Rethinking Traditional Basketball Ideas

Guest: Alan Keane, Great Britain Under 19 National Head Coach, and current Reading Rockets NBL D1 Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Great Britain Under 19 National Head Coach, and current Reading Rockets NBL D1 Head Coach, Alan Keane joins the podcast to help us rethink some traditional coaching ideas. Ideas like the pre-game, half-time, timeout interactions and interventions coaches traditionally use are discussed, along with methods for better empowering players in the coaching process.

Keane is currently the JMA Basketball Academy Head Coach (Performance pathway for players & coaches), the Reading Rockets NBL D1 Head Coach (Second division pro league) and the Great Britain & England U18 Head Coach.



1:00 - Introduction

3:00 - Value of Pre-Game, Halftime and Timeout

6:00 - Discussion During Half Time and Timeout

10:30 - Filling on the Gaps and Moving Forward

11:40 - How do Handle Conflicts during Half Time?

13:00 - The Rule of 3

14:00 - Benefit of Athlete-Centered Approach

17:00 - Example of the Approach

18:00 - Being Best as an Assistant Coach

21:00 - Permissions and Agreements and Facilitating Players

23:30 - Whatsapp Groups and the Right Environment

26:30 - Handling Timeouts

30:30 - Queuing Players About the Right Conversation

34:00 - Freedom of Players

36:00 - Reviewing Terms and Phrases During Practice

38:00 - "Bring it to Life and then Discuss it Later"

40:00 - Analyzing of Player's Strengths and Weaknesses

44:00 - Train Hard to Find Easy

45:30 - Process on Applying Scouting Reports to Players

46:40 - Feelings

50:00 - Reimagining Scouting Reports

53:00 - Improving Themselves

54:00 - Drill and Skill Transfers

58:00 - Isolation

59:00 - Conclusion


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