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The Basketball Podcast

Dec 19, 2018

Zak Boisvert, A Conversation About Rebounding... and Basketball

Guest: Zak Boisvert, Army Assistant Coach and Founder of

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation Army assistant coach, and founder of, joins the basketball podcast to have a focused conversation on rebounding. Boisvert is one of the best sharers of basketball coaching information in throughout the world. His blog and social media accounts have impacted coaches at all levels of basketball. He has also served as an assistant coach at Maine, Iona and Fairleigh Dickinson. Prior to that he worked as the Team Events Director for the Hoop Group organization.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Defensive Rebound

3:00 - Games Approach vs Drill Approach

4:00 - Rebounding Drill

6:30 - Noticing Progress

9:00 - "Just Do Get The Ball"

10:30 - Balance of "Box-Out" and "Go Get It"

12:00 - Ability to Observe and Absorb on Drills

13:30 - Rebounding on Nail Area

16:00 - Teaching Outlets to the Wings

18:00 - Positional Rebounding

19:00 - Understanding Player's Spot

20:30 - Transitional Offense Rebound

23:00 - Offensive Rebound Philosophy

26:00 - Discount Learning all Year?

27:00 - Having A Role

29:00 -  Talking about Player's Position on the Court

29:30 - Points on Offensive Rebound

32:00 - Rebounding Your Shot

35:30 - Thoughts on Concept Drills of Coach Chris

37:00 - Finding Unscripted Situation

38:00 - Game-Space Approach

39:30 - Battle for Space

41:00 - European Model relating to US Basketball and other Countries

45:00 - Final Thoughts


Zak Boisvert’s Bio





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