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The Basketball Podcast

Dec 12, 2018

Paul Hewitt, The Basketball Coaching Profession

Guest: Paul Hewitt, Current Scout for the Los Angeles Clippers

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, former college head coach Paul Hewitt joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss the basketball coaching profession.

Hewitt is currently a scout for the Los Angeles Clippers. He is best known as a college basketball coach. He has been the head coach at Georgia Tech, George Mason and Siena University.

His head coaching career started at Siena where he revived a program that had been dormant since the mid-90's and molded it into one of the best in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. In 11 seasons at Georgia Tech, Hewitt went to the NCAA Tournament five times, played for two ACC championships, made one final four and played for a national championship.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Character in Team's Success

4:00 - About Jarrett Jack

5:00 - Knowing more deeply his Players

7:00 - Looking at Friends

9:00 - Things in Practice that Separate a Player

10:00 - Communication is Really Important

12:30 - Running Plays in the NBA and Evaluate

14:00 - Preparing and Scouting to Teams

15:00 - Is NCAA adapting to the New Modern Style?

16:30 - Looking to the Habit of Players

17:30 - How Much that Player Wants to get Better

19:00 - Being Professional

21:00 - Coach-led One-on-One Practice

22:00 - Talking about Fiba 3-on-3 Basketball

25:00 - Figuring out Player's Skills during One-on-One

27:00 - Ball Mastery

28:00 - Differences between Draft Process in Sports

32:00 - Best way to Change the Player's Behavior is the Market Place

33:30 - Player's Worth and Recruitment in different Sports

37:00 -  Player's Value in the Marketplace

38:00 - Corruption in Basketball

41:00 - Coach Untold Stories

42:00 - Being a Model

43:40 - Things that College Coaches can do to be Better

45:00 - Evaluated based on Wins and Losses, Not on the Development

46:00 - Teaching Players how to get Better

47:30 - Final Thoughts


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