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The Basketball Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

Matt Woodley, Individual and Team Defense

Guest: Matt Woodley, Drake Men's Basketball Assistant Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Drake men's basketball assistant coach Matt Woodley joins the Basketball Podcast with Chris Oliver to discuss team and individual basketball defense.

Woodley boasts extensive and diverse experience at the professional, collegiate and high school levels. He has coached 21 future NBA players including Klay Thompson and Hassan Whiteside in addition to serving as the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies D-League and an assistant for the franchise’s summer league teams.

Prior to Drake, Woodley was a head coach for three years at Truman State. He has also been a highly respected assistant coach at Washington State University for head coach Tony Bennett, at Middle Tennessee State for head coach Kermit Davis, and at Pittsburgh for head coach Kevin Stallings.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Defensive Philosophy Conversation

3:00 - Adapting the System

5:00 - Execution of your Fundamentals

6:20 - Restricted Area Deep Paint Shot

7:20 - Step-in Threes

9:00 - Stay consistent

10:30 - Someone to have a Chart

11:30 - Chronological Order of Adjustments

13:30 - Spending on Scouting Reports

15:00 - Horn's Down Look/ Point Corner Split Action

17:00 - More on Scouting Reports - Order

18:50 - SMILE

20:30 - Get Up and Down with Purpose

21:30 - "Sticking Them All" Concept

22:40 - Does a Closeout Matters Much?

23:30 - We Don't Believe in "Chopping Your Feet"

24:30 - Run and Stop

26:00 - Working on One on One

27:00 - Are we Leaving our Feet to challenge?

28:15 - Teaching Guys To Run and Stop

30:00 - Chopping Your Feet

31:00 - One Slide: Turn and Run

32:40 - Knowing WHY

34:00 - Scouting Report is so Important

35:30 - Never Play 1-on-1 from the Gap

37:00 - Help and Recover, Single Side Tag

39:00 - Ball at the Top of the Key

40:30 - Explaining Terminology of 1-on-1 and other terms

42:00 - On The Ball

43:00 - Swarm the Basketball

44:30 - Below to Up Movement, Back to the Ball

46:00 - Recruit Offense in Coach Defense

47:00 - Reading The Ball and Teaching Defense Decision Making

48:30 - Consistency Changing your Match-ups in Practice

51:00 - Single vs Double Side Tag Thoughts

52:30 - Need some Iso Situations

53:30 - How to Cover the Ball in Screen&Roll?

56:00 - How to Attack Switch

57:00 - Find Time to Study the Game

58:00 - Conclusion


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