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The Basketball Podcast

Oct 26, 2018

1-on-1 with Chris Oliver and Marwan Elrakabawy

Guest: Marwan Elrakabawy,  Assistant Coach for the NCAA Division III Schreiner University Men's Basketball

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Coach Marwan Elrakabawy discusses player development concepts, with the creative mind behind Basketball Immersion, Chris Oliver. Coach Elrakabawy attended a three day basketball camp run by Coach Oliver to learn first hand about BDT zero seconds, and the games approach to coaching basketball ideas, that are used to develop players of all ages.

Coach Elrakabawy is beginning his second year an assistant coach for the NCAA Division III Schreiner University Men's Basketball program in Kerrville, TX. He also serves as head coach for the junior varsity team. Coach Elrakabawy's previous coaching experience came stints at Division III Southwestern University (TX), Division II St. Edwards University, and Division III Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Went to 3-Day Training Camp

4:00 - Impressions of the Training Camp

7:00 - Fight For Your learning and it's all the Struggle

8:00 - Coaching Clinics

9:30 - Warm Ups in the Training Camp

11:00 - Slow Learning is part of the Learning Process

13:00 - Moving to Some Shooting

14:00 - BDT on Training Camp

15:00 - Mixing the 2-in-1 Shooting to the BDT

17:00 - Focus of Training Camp is on Selfish Time

18:00 - Doing 1-on-1 on Training to build Confidence

19:00 - Advantage and Disadvantage of Basketball: Teammates

20:00 - Constraints

21:00 - Freedom and "Spin Dribble and Perimeter 3-on-2 shooting"

22:30 - Limiting Bounce Pass

23:30 - Layering of Skill

24:30 - Different Solutions

25:30 - "We want Skills to Evolve"

27:00 - Air Square

28:00 - Perceptual Layups

29:00 - 2 Perceptions: The Defender and The Rim

30:30 - Teaching Play 5-on-5 and Defensive Reps

31:30 - Desonate Opponents

32:30 - Sharing Concepts to Other Coaches

34:00 - Make a Drill Better by Adding a Defender

35:00 - The Initial Part of Learning is Distracting Enough

37:30 - "I want Adopters"

38:30 - Individual Player Development

40:30 - Mixed Drills

41:30 - Adding Challenges

42:30 - "What can I do to get better?"

44:00 - Self Discovering

45:30 - Valuing Players Own Development

47:00 - Interaction with the Teammates

48:00 - Motivation

49:30 - Building Self-Esteem through Motivation

50:30 - Conclusion


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