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The Basketball Podcast

Oct 12, 2018

Brad Campbell, Lessons From International Coaching

Guest: Brad Campbell, University of Western Mustangs Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Brad Campbell and Chris Oliver discuss their experience coaching Canada 3D Global Sports at the 40th Jones Cup in Taiwan. This podcast is accompanied by a blog Lessons from Coaching at an International Basketball Tournament.

Brad Campbell is head coach of the University of Western Mustangs. In 11 seasons at the helm, Campbell has lead his team to a pair of OUA West Division championships and a bid in the U SPORTS Final Eight National Championship in 2008 and 2009. It was in the 2008-09 season that he was named the OUA Coach of the Year.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Rivals to Friends

3:00 - Experiences at the Jones Cup

5:00 - Putting a Team for a Short Amount of Time

6:30 - Going Quite Few Things

8:00 - Challenges over the Schedule

10:00 - Maximizing Time and Constant Communication to Players

11:00 - Outstanding to him to be an Assistant Coach

13:00 - Advice to other Assistant Coaches

15:00 - Timeout

16:00 - Exhausted but Focused on the Game

18:00 - Handling Adjustments and Calling Some Terminologies

20:00 - How International Teams make him Defend the Whole Court?

21:30 - Ball Screen, Rescreen and Quick Shots

23:30 - Weak Side Action

26:00 - Defense is the Difference

28:30 - Focus on Spacing and One-hand Finishes

30:30 - Fundamentals and De-Fundamentalize Players

31:30 - Perceptual Lay-ups

32:30 - Soft And-1 will be the Favorable Call

34:30 - Level of Coaching of the Asian Coaches

36:30 - Little Creativity on Inbound Plays

38:00 - Ricardo Ratcliff and Less on Scoring on Post

40:00 - Reads for the Ball Screen Offense

42:00 - Tons of Ball Screen Defense

43:00 - Chess Game

44:30 - Culture of Basketball in Taipei

46:30 - Level of Competition in the Tournament

47:30 - Brotherhood Developed to Other Teams

49:00 - Managing Players and Winning the Tournament

51:30 - Not a lot of Zone Defense

53:30 - Playing Zones

55:30 - “Travel Day is Not an Off-Day”

57:00 - Conclusion


Brad Campbell’s Bio




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