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The Basketball Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

Andrea Trinchieri, Next Level Offensive Thinking

Guest: Andrea Trinchieri, Former EuroLeague and Brose Bamberg Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, former EuroLeague and Brose Bamberg head coach Andrea Trinchieri joins the podcast. Trinchieri has been a EuroLeague head coach for five years with Cantu and Brose Bamberg while in 2014 he was named the EuroCup Coach of the Year after leading Unics Kazan to the Finals. In the EuroBasket 2013, he was the head coach of the Greek national team.

From 2015 to 2017, Trinchieri led Bamberg to three straight German League titles plus the 2015 Supercup and the 2017 Cup. His trophy case also includes two Italian SuperCup titles plus the 2014 Russian Cup.



1:30 - History of the Game and Educating Players

3:00 - "Basketball is a Very, Very Smart Game"

4:30 - "Pick and Roll" Basketball

6:00 - "Offense is Action. Defense is Reaction"

6:30 - Involving the Off the Ball Players in Pick and Roll

8:00 - "Spacing is the Most Important Thing

9:30 - How to Develop Spacing

11:40 - Correcting Mistakes

14:00 - Setting Priorities in Pick and Roll

15:30 - Angles of the Screens

16:30 - Timing of the Pick and Roll

18:00 - "With Speed and the Right Decision, the Defense will not Stop you"

19:00 - Cue to Release a "Screen"

21:00 - Spain Pick and Roll

23:40 - Screens are More Diagonal, Corner to Baseline

27:00 - Switching Defense

29:30 - Problems for the coaches with the Spain Action

30:30 - Overloading Players with Details

31:00 - Making Player's Instinct Rational

32:00 - The Short Roll

33:30 - Play Calls

34:00 - Running an Efficient Offense and the Need to be "Creative"

35:30 - Balance in Everything

38:00 - "Be Creative Within Your Team Needs"

42:00 - Losing Games and Moving On

44:30 - Practice Structure

46:00 - Comparing a Coach to a Chef

49:00 - Potential Characteristics that Successful Coaches have

50:00  Ideal Characteristics of a Player

51:00 - Passion is the Most Important Thing

53:00 - Team Meetings through Film Studying

56:00 - Off-Screen Situations, Post-ups and other Offensive Stuff

59:00 - "3-point shot after an Offensive Rebound is Totally Unstoppable"

1:01:00 - Need to Have Philosophy, Strategy and Tactics

1:02:00 - Defining Shot Selection and comparing it to NBA

1:03:30 - "Less Athletic but More Physical" in European Basketball

1:04:40 - Corner 3's Winning Titles


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