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The Basketball Podcast

Jun 20, 2018

Discussion on Taking Over a New basketball Program with Coach Dusty May

Guest: Coach Dusty May, Head Men's Coach at Florida Atlantic University

Episode 02 of the Basketball Podcast features Dusty May and a discussion on taking over a new basketball program. Coach May is the head men's coach at Florida Atlantic University. Previously, he was a long time assistant coach under Mike White at the University of Florida, and Louisiana Tech.


1:00 - First Action Item of a New Coach
2:00 - Current Roster Transition
3:30 - Improving the Roster
5:30 - Getting Better Players for the Program
6:30 - X and 0's
8:20 - Coaching Ideas and the Process
9:30 - Playing with a Fast Tempo Philosophy and Establishing that Identity as a Program
11:00 - Scouting Individual Strengths and Giving Trusts to the New Set of Players
13:00 - Scoring Percentages in the Half Court vs Transition
14:40 - "Was that a Good Shot?"
16:00 - Next Steps after Roster Transition
18:00 - Individual Skills vs Team Concept in Training
20:00 - "Beating the Best Team in the League" Philosophy
22:00 - Coach May's Basketball Coaching Philosophy and Applying other Coaching Philosophies
24:00 - Tweaking and Evaluating Offensive Plan
27:00 - Reading Books outside Basketball
29:30 - The Coaching Staff
31:00 - Empowering Players
32:00 - Seeking Feedback from Players
34:00 - Game Preparation for future Opponents
35:30 - Discussion on Western Conference Finals Game 7
40:00 - NBA Philosophies in the NCAA Game
41:00 - Building Chemistry Off the Court
44:00 - Recruiting Players who Love the Game

Dusty May

Basketball Immersion