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The Basketball Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

Rick Byrd, Belmont Basketball

Guest: Rick Byrd, Belmont Basketball Head Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Belmont University head coach Rick Byrd joins the podcast. Coach Byrd ranks fifth among all active NCAA Division I head coaches in career victories with 754, and stands first among all active non-Power 5 coaches. Some of the many highlights of the podcast include discussions on building a program with staying power, skip passes and offensive efficiency at the rim.

Head Coach Rick Byrd has been a model of consistency. Under Byrd, Belmont has reached postseason play in 11 of the last 12 seasons, including seven automatic berths to the NCAA Tournament. All told, Belmont has won 16 conference championships (nine regular season, seven tournament) since 2006 - only Kansas and Gonzaga have won more over that span.



1:00 - Introduction

1:40 - Practical things that Coach Byrd Do to Create Great Basketball Players and People

4:00 - Traits and Specific Things that Coach Byrd looking at in his Recruits in Belmont Basketball team

6:00 - Recruiting Good Character People

8:30 - The Bad Apples - Steps to Help Them

10:30 - Teaching Players how to be Respectful

13:00 - "Winning is Important" Philosophy

14:30 - How Coach Byrd Value Skip Passes?

16:10 - Spacing Template

18:30 - 2 People Guarding 1

19:00 - Coach Byrd's Team Tops in Three-Point Percentage

20:00 - "Passing Game in Football is as the Same in Basketball"

21:00 - Finishing at the Rim Teaching

22:30 - Coach Byrd's Post and Perimeter Players

23:40 - Lowest in Shooting Attempt

25:00 - Numbers Tell the Whole Story

25:40 - Encouraging in Shooting Three's and not Midrange

27:30 - Do you think Your numbers are hold true at that level as well in Terms of Reflection of the Game?

29:00 - Adapting to the Next Level of Game

30:10 - Post Plays, Finding Shooters

31:30 - Scripted Side of Things, Freedom and Decision Making

35:00 - Valuing Freedom

35:40 - Waiting too Many Plays...

37:00 - Player Making the Decision and Play Design

38:40 - Advice for Coaches and Conclusion


Rick Byrd’s Bio



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