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The Basketball Podcast

Aug 8, 2018

Chris Caputo’s Defense and Miami Basketball Concepts

Guest: Chris Caputo, Associate Head Coach at Miami Basketball

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Chris Caputo. Coach Caputo is in his eighth season with the Hurricanes and his 17th season on head coach Jim Larrañaga’s staff. Caputo is the associate head coach at Miami, and also the team's defensive coordinator. The podcast starts with discussion about being a long term assistant coach to Jim Larrañaga, coaching in Miami, adapting to the ACC talent, switching concepts on defense, defensive ideas, and many other basketball coaching topics.


1:00 - Introduction

1:30 - Challenges in Preparing to be a Head Coach

4:20 - Meeting Concept

7:00 - Access to NBA players, People, and Skills Trainer got Impact to Coach Chris’s Program and Learning

9:30 - Pick-Up

12:00 - Challenges Competing in the ACC and how it dictates some of Coach Chris’s Philosophy and Approach to the Game

15:00 - Discussing Players and it’s matchups in the ACC

17:00 - Talking about Switching

20:00 - Encourage Switching Concept on High School and Youth Coaches

21:00 - Size is Overrated

23:00 - Decision Making Process on Defense

25:20 - Defensive Positioning and Guarding the Ball

26:00 - Concept and Process of Communication

29:00 - Funny Story about Communication and NBA People

30:30 - Self-Organize

31:50 - Players need to learn from the Game, not just in Basketball Clinics

33:00 - Developing Player’s Habits in Basketball Concept

36:00 - Transferring their work in the Weight Room to the Game

38:30 - Habits that help Coach Chris Players / Defense 1-on-1

40:00 - 1-on-1 Concept

41:30 - Joke about Training and Passion for the game

43:00 - Values on Game-like and Decision Making that will transfer to the Players

45:00 - Phase of Play and on Player Development

47:00 - Shot Selection

49:00 - Floor Spacing and Inbound Philosophy

50:00 - Elite College teams, Elite on Makes

51:20 - “You have no chance if you can’t Defend”

52:00 - Comprehensive Stats Scouting Balance

53:00 - Virginia Team Discussion


Chris Caputo’s Bio


Basketball Immersion