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The Basketball Podcast

Jul 4, 2018

Offensive Concepts with Coach Bill Wuczynski

Guest: Coach BIll Wuczynski, Assistant Coach at Boston College

In this week's basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Billy Wuczynski. Coach Wuczynski is the current assistant coach with Boston College, and head coach Jim Christian. The podcast starts with a discussion about unstructured offensive possessions and their value, and flows into many offensive topics including playing early and opposite in transition, 94 foot plays, play flow, and a family of plays.


1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - The value of playing within unstructured possession

5:10 - Offensive Concepts: Early and Opposite, and Flow

9:00 - Learning vs Competing Balance

9:30 - Individual Skill Development

10:40 - Movement Package

13:20 - “94 Foot” Plays

14:30 - Unstructured Moments

19:00 - Offensive Discussion

20:30 - Creating Unstructured Possessions

23:00 - The Recruiting Process

24:00 - Trust and being Transparent when Recruiting Players

27:00 - Recruiting “Hidden Gem” Players

28:00 - Basketball IQ

32:00 - Competing in the ACC

33:30 - Looking at the Statistics and Percentages

37:00 - Bad Points per Possession

39:00 - Putting in Specific Plays for the Opponents

43:00 - Introducing New Plays

44:30 - Verbal and Visual Cues, and a “Family of Plays”

48:00 - Conclusion



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